Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Project BudBurst & the USA National Phenology Network

Here are two exciting projects that all amateur and serious plant lovers in Orange County can participate in, on the scientific level, without having to join a formal scientific study/group:

The first one is called "Project BudBurst" - you can learn all about Project BudBurst HERE.

The second one is called the USA National Phenology Network - click HERE to learn about it.

Basically, you have the opportunity to record your observations about the plants that you regularly visit in Orange County, whether it be on the trails or in some other area. The data that you contribute will be used to better understand climate change and other aspects of nature that we have yet to fully understand.

I, personally, am participating in both, contributing my observations to both projects regarding the False Indigo (Amorpha fruticosa) that we have in Lower Laurel Canyon at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park - and will probably add a few other favorite plants to my list. It is fun to know that our observations count in the scientific world, even though we do not necessarily have a scientific background or degree!

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